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Create the Perfect Outdoor Setting With Shade Sails in Canberra

Whether you want to reduce your family’s exposure to harsh UV rays, extend your outdoor living area, cool your house, or shade your vehicle from the elements, we have the perfect solution. Installing shade sails around your Canberra home is an easy and affordable way to modernise your space and create more shaded areas for entertainment, energy efficiency and sun protection.

What is a Shade Sail?

A shade sail is a fabric covering for your deck, patio, or carport area. The covering is made from durable fabric that withstands outdoor elements and lasts many years. Our shade sails come with a lifetime warranty. You can conveniently order shade sails online in many shapes and sizes and find the perfect size and design to suit your outdoor area. We create custom shade coverings for your specific requirements so you can have a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Benefits of a Shade Sail for Canberra Homes

You can easily create your ideal outdoor living area with a shade sail from our online store. Besides creating outside entertainment zones at your home, you can enjoy numerous other benefits with a quality product.

  • They are versatile: You can add shade sails to almost any outdoor area, as there are various shaped coverings and mounting options. Our custom manufacturing service ensures your shade sail is the ideal size and design for your space.

  • Shade sails are made from breathable fabric and are UV-resistant and breathable, allowing a cool breeze to flow under the cover and lower the temperature. The sail can also decrease energy use in your home by reducing the sun’s rays from streaming through windows. Less heat from the sun means a lower temperature inside, allowing less or no air conditioning.

  • They provide UV protection from the sun: Quality-made shade sails can block over 80% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, protecting your possessions from damaging rays. This benefit makes them ideal for covering outdoor areas where you entertain guests or your kids play.

Shade Sails Canberra

Outdoor shade sails are low maintenance and can encourage you to enjoy the fresh air more outdoors.

Where You Can Buy Shade Sails

Transform your space with a quality custom shade sail to suit your outdoor space and living requirements. Our knowledgeable and experienced team have more than 20 years of experience crafting and installing custom shade sails. We provide exceptional customer service and can remotely quote using high-definition maps.

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