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Keep Your Outdoor Area Looking Perfect With Our Shade Sail Cleaning Service

A shade sail cleaning service is ideal for removing unsightly dirt build-up and lichen and checking your covering for any damage. While shade sails are made from durable material, they can accumulate dirt and debris, spoiling the look of your outdoor space. Your shade sail will last through many seasons of entertainment and sun protection with regular maintenance and cleaning schedules.

Tips for Cleaning Your Shade Sail

We recommend cleaning your shade sail every few months to keep it in the best condition. A sunny day is an ideal time to remove and clean your shade covering, as you must ensure it’s fully dry before reinstalling.

  • Lay your sail flat on a clean surface and remove leaves or dust with a soft bristle brush. Avoid putting it into a washing machine to prevent damage and wearing out your covering quicker.

  • Use water and mild detergent to clean the sail gently. Keep in mind that harsh chemicals can damage the fabric’s UV resistance.

  • Use a low-pressure hose to rinse off the dirt and detergent. High-pressure water blasters can damage the sail’s thread, forcing you to call a professional repair service.

  • If you want to store your shade sail for the off-season, ensure the covering is completely dry before packing it away. Any moisture left on the sail can lead to mould growth

The Importance of Maintaining Your Shade Sail

Regular shade sail maintenance keeps your covering in the best shape, remaining durable and effectively providing sun protection. Consider adding these three tasks to your cleaning and maintenance schedule.

  • Cut back any tree branches that sit close to your shade sail: Leaves, bark, sap, and anything else falling from trees can damage your shade sail. Tree branches can also encourage birds to perch and leave droppings on your sail, which won’t look pretty.

  • Check your sail structure regularly: Fabric shade sails can move in the wind and lose their tension over time. Be sure to check your shade sail regularly and get our professional services when your sail requires re-tensioning to continue effective operation.

  • Examine your sail after a storm: Extreme winds and storms can impair your shade sail structure. After major wind events, give your structure a physical check, especially at the fittings and connections, to confirm they’re secure.

Schedule a Service From Our Professionals

With a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule, you can make the most of your outdoor space and ensure your shade sail works effectively for many years. Our professionals provide exceptional repair, maintenance, and installation services and pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s expectations.

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