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Updated: Nov 25, 2022

We always get a lot of questions asking why we give out quotes before we come to your house for an on-site visit. And the reason is, we want to make sure our clients understand the financial commitment before we come over and discuss more details.

By giving you a 'draft' or 'ballpark' quote in the beginning stages, you are able to see the approximate cost expected. And if you aren't too keen on the price, we can either work something out that is within your budget or point you in the right direction of someone who can help you. This kind of system works for us, as in the past, we have gotten many clients who organise a site visit and they aren't prepared to pay the amount we quote - so we found this way saves your time, as well as ours.

So, how do we know what to quote without being on site?

We use a program called ACTmapi (a better/clearer version of Google maps), which can help us work out a rough drawing and size for your current shade to be replaced or a new shade sail. That why when enquiring with us, we also ask for as much detail as possible, and even photos are super helpful!

From here, we are able to formulate a ballpark quote with a rough cost to work out whether a shade with us is within your budget. If so, we can organise a site visit to discuss and finalise a quote.

Below is a link to our PowerPoint that explains our procedure from the initial enquiry to the final invoice.

2022 What Happens Now.pdf
Download PDF • 724KB

I hope this makes sense and clears a few queries up. If you have any further questions - please let me know at:


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