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Updated: Apr 16

With summers getting hotter in many parts of Australia, keeping the sun off your windows and roof and therefore, out of your home, is becoming even more important

Not only is it great for your own comfort, but also a way to reduce your electricity bill and hence your environmental footprint.

ACTshade awnings and shade sails are a cost-effective way to shade a house or business. Shade sails and awnings can reduce heat gain up to 77%. While installing internal blinds and curtains block some of the heat, the heat still ends up inside the room. Keeping the heat off walls and windows before it gets inside is much more effective.

Custom designed shade sails and awnings are proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping your home cool. These structures can also make your home look more attractive and can increase the value of your house considerably.

In most of Australia, shading is needed on windows on the north, and also the east (to prevent summer sun heating the house from early in the morning) and west (to block hot late afternoon sun).

External shading products and structures fall into two broad categories: fixed and adjustable. Fixed solutions have the advantage of simplicity, and with no moving parts, are usually easier to maintain and last longer. However, they need to be carefully designed to avoid compromising solar access in winter. Adjustable fabric solutions when engineered and designed by experienced craftsman can provide the best of both worlds. adjustable solutions for all seasons, and during different times of the day.

ACTshade provide the Canberra region with custom designed products that are also easily removed for the winter months if required. ACTshade have a service that removes, services and cleans sails during the winter months, then, professionally re-hangs them for the summer.

Think about whether your shading solution could fulfil another function at the same time – perhaps to create a waterproof outdoor area, wind protection, privacy screening, insect screening or even protection from ember attack during a bushfire.

Whatever the reason you need shade sails, get a profession, industry aligned craftsman to help you. That way, your shade sail will effectively do what you want it to do, in the budget you have, for a very long time. With good design you can minimise the need to rely on costly heating and cooling to remain comfortable, who knows, it might even look good!

If you have any questions about any fabric solutions to any challenges you have in your home or business, please call us on 0418 631 742. We have developed our business to educate consumers and push the boundaries of what is possible with the aim of raising the standards in the industry. We are always happy to help in any way.

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