Frequently asked questions

How can I put up a shade sail by myself?

To get a maximal lifespan and usage out of your shade, it is recommended to book an appointment with us so we can custom fit your shade. This ensures that your shade is fitted to a high standard and there is no risk of damage or injury.

How do I clean my shade sail?

You should clean you shade eery 6 months to ensure optimal lifespan. When you decide to clean you shade, here’s what to do: 1. Remove any debris from the shade sail. 2. Using a soft bristle brush and warm soapy water, work soap into the sail 3. Hose down sail with clean water (Don’t use a high pressure hose) 4. Lay sail down to dry completely - do not hang sail wet 5. If storing after wash - do not store whilst wet. This encourages mould growth

What colour and material best reflects UV rays?

Thick material and darker colours, such as balck, brown or navy blue absorb more UV rays, making the covered area cooler to sit under. Alternatively, lighter, thinner materials, such as white or yellow will absorb less UV rays. However, all shades will protect you from the sun and direct sunlight

What type of shade sails do you make?

Check out of 'Shade Sails' tab to see what type of shades we offer.

How can I leave a review regarding my shade sail?

You can leave a review on our Google page, by clicking on the picture below: We also have a survey monkey to review our customer service:

What are ACTshade's Core Values?

ACTshade Core Values (PARCH) Positive- we live above the line, consistently looking to improve, and demonstrate integrity in everything we do. Our products provide a place to connect and relax and have a lasting impact Authenticity- our actions are congruent with our vision, our goals and our beliefs We care, we are open, honest, informative and we love to collaborate Responsive- we are quick to act, quick to respond and looking to be on the front foot. Communication is key. We do what we say we will and help clients so they have a solution. Committed- we are committed to long term customer relationships and design outcomes. Our service will be what people remember, our product is a reminder of that. Happiness- life is meant to be fun. Our happiness and that of our client's is core to what we do. We only work with people that share our values.

How long will it take to install my Shade Sail?

The average turn around time for a residential ACTshade shade sail is 4 weeks. Generally it is 21-25 days from the day we recive your deposit. For shade sails under $10,000 we work on a 50% deposit and the balance upon completion. We work this way as it shows you are committed to us and that we are committed to you and your project. Check out our Youtube Video of a recent install in 21 days-

How do ACTshade make shade sails in Canberra?

ACTshade make sails in the workshop located in Mitchell, ACT. We use a hydro-vac truck to dig the holes (as its non destructive) then install the posts powdercoated in Canberra with concrete. We fix brackets were best located for strength and coverage, then hang the sail. Everything is 100% custom made to your particular requirements, location and budget. Watch our latest video on how we install shade sails-

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