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Improve Your Exterior With Custom Shade Sails

Our custom shade sails allow you to enjoy your outdoor area no matter the weather conditions. Whether you require a waterproof design, are concerned about UV protection, or want to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements, we have a wide range of shade solutions. From colour selection to fabric choice, a custom design ensures you get a shade cloth that meets your functional and aesthetic requirements.

Reasons to Get a Custom Shade Cloth

We understand that everyone uses their exterior space differently and will have unique ideas and expectations for a shade sail. Consider how a custom shade cloth performs better than a generic covering.

  • You can tailor the shape and size to your space: Whether you have a large or small outdoor area, a custom shade sail is made for your home. They are ideal for awkward or oddly-shaped exterior spaces as you can get a shape to fit the area.

  • You can choose your fabric: There’s no limit on fabric selection with a custom shade cloth. You can opt for waterproof material or high UV resistance and choose the perfect colour to best suit your outdoor aesthetic.

  • You can select your ideal shade structure: Installing a custom shade sail means you can select the ideal structure and attachments for your outdoor space.


Custom Shade Solutions for Your Outdoor Space

Our team has extensive experience designing and manufacturing shade sails to suit a wide range of exteriors. You can better understand what shade solution may suit your entertainment area with these examples below.

Custom Shade Sail
  • Waterproof sail: If your region often experiences unexpected rain showers, a waterproof shade sail can help protect your outdoor furniture, vehicle, and garden equipment. These sails are made from durable material and can provide sun and water protection in an outdoor entertainment area.

  • High UV resistance: UV-resistant shade sails are ideal for outdoor spaces such as lunch areas, playgrounds, swimming pools, and patios. These shade cloths can block harmful UV rays and provide your family, friends, or employees with proper sun protection while they’re outside.

  • Retractable: A retractable shade cover may be ideal if you enjoy sitting outside during the day or night. You can get much-needed sun protection and cooler temperatures during the day and then retract the cover at night to enjoy the starry view.

  • Fixed structure: Fixed shade sails are ideal when you want a permanent structure to protect your assets from the sun’s UV rays. These structures are perfect for car yards, playgrounds, and more.

Professional Shade Sail Services Made Easy With ACTshade

We can assist you in finding the ideal shade sail design to suit your home or business property. Our quality shade cloths are highly durable and have a lifetime warranty making them a worthwhile investment.

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