All sails and shade posts are custom made in ACT


Roof fitting used

We create custom-made products to serve every customer’s need. Let’s discuss what you envision for this product and what is required for your vision to come true. Whether it’s a simple carport Sails or a uniquely designed deck shade sails, you can request an order or an ideation meeting today and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We pride ourselves on our core values, which we incorporate into our lives, whether that is in our workshop, on a job or in our personal lives. We go by PARCH:

  • POSITIVE - we live above the line, consistently looking to improve, and demonstrate integrity in everything we do.

  • AUTHENTICITY- our actions are congruent with our vision, our goals and our beliefs

  • RESPONSIVE - we are quick to act, quick to respond and looking to be on the front foot.

  • COMMITTED - we are committed to long term customer relationships and design outcomes. 

  • HAPPINESS - life is meant to be fun

ACTshade use these five core values to give our clients the best high quality service offered in the ACT. 

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